No success will emerge in the new world without silicon Photonics

People are extending their gracious welcome and cheering for the emerging of intelligent hardware and IOT era, for which the practical field and country has invested abundant human resources and material resources to give a support. Nevertheless, based on the understanding of science and technology, we must correct this blind-following action.

Despite of the fact of sound momentum of intelligent hardware and some other manageable divides, a truth will surface eventually: they will inevitably end up being toys with the features of big size, power consumption and being difficult to control. Consequently, people are most likely to blame the failure on the fact that big data is yet shaped or the unchanged habits of customers.


The genuine reason that led to the failure is the immature silicon photonics technology and that is why the products coming into the market and those we possess the ability to produce are neither small nor flexible. Compared to the products that integrated with silicon photonics technology, the present intelligent hardware and communication equipments are coming with the disadvantages of big size, power consumption and diseconomy. The main issue we are confronting is that however you conduct development & research, power consumption and longer electronic delay will be unavoidably caused with intentions of shorter producing period and stronger functions, which will result in the strategy of abandoning products development. As a matter of fact, IPHONE that we are familiar is actually imperfect because call quality and anti-interference performance are not their focused points. The next generation phone is likely to be the modular cell phone, but sorry, the next generation modular cell phone will undoubtedly turn into another replacement product if no silicon photonics technology will be adopted. So what are on earth the problems? It is rooted in the electricity consumption, delay and distorted signals that communication between the CPU and electronic components produces, and these electronic connections brought high degree of instability. With the silicon photonics technology, chips will be directly based on the waveguide optical interconnection. The piece optical interconnect will radically change the internal structure of our products, but surely, the size and performance will be highly improved. The next generation phone is definitely silicon optical type.

Silicon photonics is presenting a greener and more economical hardware new world. Development along with the current technology, tons of electronic trash will trigger a severe human survival environmental problem. Before the development of new technology, governments propose to restrict the manufacturing of those low-level but high power consumption electronic products. The manufacturing of electronic products is supposed to be in line with plan instead of market. Excessive market only stimulates repetitive manufacturing, but shows no tendency to light the technological innovation. People are eager to earn money over investing a potential technology, pathetically; the competition of marketing economy has never generated innovation. People are dying to get rid of greedy nature and come back the route of plan and technological development: developing a greener and more economical technology.

Communication equipments are already well known and the concept of SDN is pretty good.  Unfortunately, based on the present free space multiplexing and electro-optical switch, SDN has been left no possibility to realize the genuine software definition as everything is too difficult to achieve. The real SDN is to realize the direct control of software to chips and transmitting channels.

Lumenize of integrated silicon photonics and future CPU will enable people to get out of the big MAC data center. The present data center is limited to realize optical interconnects between boards. It is promising to reduce the volume and lower the power consumption of data center with the massive use of silicon photonics technology. So far, the optical switch that being used in data center is the air separation multiplexing ones. So as to realize the connection and exchange between clouding and data center, we must adopt silicon optical waveguide switch technology.

Prior to showing the strength of silicon photonics technology, the electronic information actions that we are engaging in is just as same as ancient people lived in the old stone age filled with childishness and historical inadvertence.
Silicon photonics technology is indispensible in the new world. We must strive to lay out the Silicon photonics technology as soon as possible.

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