The differences between MPO and MTP

When I was training our new salesman, they always ask me a question, what is the difference between MPO and MTP? They look the same in the appearance. Today I would like to introduce all the differences between them.

MPO (Push On Multi-fiber) is one of the MT series connectors. MPO connector is standardized in the international regulatory framework (the IEC 61754-7 standard) and the U.S. (TIA-604-5 Standard ). MTP use US conec standard. MTP In the latest international standard for the ACS data center ISO / IEC 24764 standardized MPO connector and use the notation “MTP“. In terms of design, size and mechanical compatibility of MPO and MTP, it’s the same thing.

Market share
MTP is a pioneer in multi-core fiber connector, and its market share also ranks in the first. Especially in the United States most of the company use MTP.

There is a clear difference between MTP fiber optic connectors and MPO connectors on the market, we can say: MTP fiber optic connector is a high performance MPO fiber connector.

The MTP connector has a metal pin clamp with features for centering the push spring
MPO and MTP are in accordance with international standards, "IEC-61754-7", they can be replaced with each other in using. This is why a lot of products introduced directly to write MTP/MPO.

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