Home theater: Choose fiber optical cable or copper cable ?

As now digital display technology has been used in consumer electronics products and it is more and more favored by the market, it has become the development trend of home display devices. Most users know that DVI and HDMI are pure digital signal interface, the transmission of digital signals can show the most clear image quality and effect. So, what kind of interface is better?

There are two options: copper cable or fiber optic cable, introduced on the use of what kind of argument from the optical and coaxial cable digital audio cable concept began, now, most people think that they show the effect is the same, no matter what kind of, will not affect the audio quality. In fact, the use of low bandwidth audio wiring especially in a relatively short distance under the condition of copper cable or optical fiber cable transmission effect is the same.

However, full screen play uncompressed digital signal is completely different, because the digital signal high resolution and copper cable resistance, to connect the DVI or HDMI signal source, optical signal conversion technology is the most suitable choice. Of course, all video converter uses the same type of interface settings. DVI and HDMI digital signals are high-speed extremely high bandwidth signal, the current highest pixel signal 1080p signal that the picture pixel 1920x1080, and updated 40 times per second. Update speed to HD signal so fast and large amount of digital bandwidth, the resistance of copper cables will lead to the loss of signal -- such as signal cannot be updated, pixel hours or wrong, or no picture, direct blue. When the copper cable connection distance of more than 5M, playing 1080p image will appear; if playing 720p or 1080i digital signal format, but also to copper cable connection within 8M distance. If this distance, it is best to use fiber optic cable.

It can be determined that the connection distance is the decisive factor in choosing which connection technique to use.

Optical fiber signal conversion technology is theoretically no resistance, so it will not produce signal loss. The principle is to convert the video source signal into light wave, and then transmit it to the playback device in the form of light. If you want to enjoy the no loss of signal or pixel high-definition screen, can also use the signal amplifier, of course, copper cable or fiber cable with the use of the signal amplifier with different function. The expansion device installed in the copper cable is enhanced electronic signal, making it more "strong", reduces signal loss due to wiring length is too long; however, the biggest problem with this technique is that the video signal is enhanced at the same time, the error signal has been enhanced, which leads to noise induced digital signal is enhanced and the signal loss problems have not been fundamentally resolved. Another problem is that even if the signal amplifier is used, the DVI and HDMI signals can only spread about 18M in the case of "no enhancement", which is not only inefficient, but also greatly increased the cost. Optical fiber signal conversion technology is actually the electronic signal into optical signal, therefore, to maintain the integrity of the signal in the distance of 150M.

This is why now IT organizations and Cable Tv Co use optical fiber network construction, the IT transmission bandwidth of the signal (usually 0.6Gbps) than the non compressed video signal (1.65Gbps) is much lower, therefore, when high bandwidth digital signal is coming, the application of optical fiber cable has been more and more popular will be not at all surprising.

In addition to the principle of copper cables with fiber optic cable technology differences in the solution selection signal connection, the best to consider the following aspects:

1, distance
If you are using a copper cable, is best kept in the range of 8M; if you need to use a connection line over the length of the 8M, the best choice for fiber optic cable.

2, take longer use into consideration
Users need to connect the cable and other products have a very long service life, generally more than ten years. Considering the quality of the connection line is closely related to the image quality of the flat panel display, and is connected with the display device for a long time, the investment in this area is necessary. The popular video playback system screen resolution of 720p or 1080i, the copper cable can be used. But the digital signal technology development at an alarming rate, may have to replace the DVD player and TV in the near future, then need to consider whether the cable can well support a new video system (especially the cable buried in the wall of the user), the best is to buy a cable can well support 1080p signal transmission the.

3, test before use
It is important to test the cable before installing it. To check the terms of service products customer service businesses and return policies before the purchase; in addition, not embedded in the floor or cable has been embedded in the wall after that it is not suitable for video playback system, before buying a new cable arrangement, at least to spend a few hours to test it.

In summary, when users buy copper or optical cable for your home theater, if you take the above factors into account ,it becomes very clear how to choose

Infiberone HDMI cable is a hybrid cable, has a double advantage, to ensure that the signal is all transmitted. it is also compatible with the existing HDMI1.4 interface. At the same time, we also have a matching optical fiber extender, regardless of whether the customer has a higher demand for data transmission or distance, our products are able to meet the requirements.

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