Notes for HDMI AOC using

With the developing of modern life, people enjoy the high-definition video is very prominent. The use of HDMI cable is necessary. The upgrading of HD equipment, LCD TV, DVD, Blu ray HD projectors and other equipment have been equipped with HDMI interface. In the past, the equipments required more cable to connect, and sorting and layout are also very troublesome, now we only need a HDMI HD cable can achieve synchronous transmission of image and sound,, which make the connection very convenient. The picture is more clear, the sound is more realistic and nature. More and more users are very concerned about how to choose HDMI cable, however, the correct use of HDMI HD cable is also very important. Infiberone now would write some notes for all the users:

 (A) Shutdown all the equipments while plug HDMI HD cable. Hot swap will damage HDMI interface chip.

HDMI interface is very convenient to plug, and HDMI cable in the design also has a hot swap function. But due to the different internal process in HDMI cable and the different connected HD equipment, some users had caused the HDMI interface chip burned when hot swap HDMI HD cable. Therefore, for the safe use of HDMI HD cable 100%, we suggest you confirm the TV and high-definition player are closed when plug HDMI HD cable

 (B) HDMI cable for TV and HD

A lot of users will encounter some problems when they just started using HDMI cable to connect the TV and HD machine. When the HDMI cable is connected, they open the HD player, found that television shows no video signal. Don't panic if you are also in this kind of situation. Please check whether the TV has more than one HDMI interface. If yes, please choose the correct interface. Hisense LCD TV has only one HDMI interface. Make sure you insert the HDMI cable when the TV is off, the other side connect to the HD plaer. Turn on the power on, then enter the TV menu to choose HDMI mode settings, select the corresponding model, and then the single machine can be determined.

 (C)Use different specifications HDMI HD cable

Because the connecting HD equipment is different, need to choose the right HDMI HD cable. In particular, more and more home users begen to watch the movie with a computer connected to the LCD TV. When computer without the HDMI interface but DVI interface, we need a convert HDMI-DVI HD. DVI connector using standard DVI-D 24+1, strong versatility, can connect many digital home appliances, the standard length of 1.8 meters, can adapt to many conditions, and avoid wire winding.Based on the needs of home wiring, select a universal utility HDMI HD cable is particularly important, this 180 degree bend HDMI HD cable, to help you maximize the space saving, and effectively avoid the cable clutter. 0 degrees - 180 degrees of large curvature, almost to meet all the circumstances, increase the utilization rate of single product, very suitable for hanging LCD TV use.

 (D) Long distance transmission has strict requirements on wire

The difference in the transmission of 1080i or 720P signal in Long distance is not significant, but the transmission of 1080P signals, the HDMI HD cable requirements are more very strict. If the quality of the HDMI cable is bad, ranging from the screen to jump, big erythema phenomenon, while no signal, so the long distance cable is chosen to be very cautious.
The HDMI HD cable, with 24K gold-plated connectors, high purity copper conductor, high density double shield, accurate transmission of high-quality multichannel digital audio, support HD resolution, full support for 480P, 720P, 1080I, 1080P video format, strong compatibility, transmission rate up to 10Gps, stable signal transmission, we use metal head HDMI cable connecting device, can be seen from the chart, the quality of the NBA basketball game is clear, full color, vivid image, true sound, very strong sense of the scene.

Infiberone HDMI cable can be used in below occasions:

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