When using MTP Fiber Patch Cable, What Should We Pay Attention to On Earth?

To keep pace with the development of data center and meet the demands on the wiring system. Optic MTP fiber patch cable plays a key role in them and is popularly applies in our life. However, how much do we know about it on earth, and what should we pay attention to when using it? I believe we can get the answers from this article

Brief Introduction
Fiber MTP patch cable/cord is used for the connection from the device to fiber wiring link path, with thicker protection layer, usually applied for the connection of optical transceiver and terminal box.
Patch cord is also called fiber connector, connector plugs set on the both ends of fiber cables to finish the optic path connection. In addition, the fiber end with plug is called pigtail of optic fiber cableMTP patch cable is similar to coaxial cable, but without mesh shielding layer. Its core is glass fiber used for optic transmission. For the multimode fiber, its fiber diameter is 50μm~65μm, almost as thick as a person’s hair. While for the single-mode fiber, its fiber diameter is 8μm~10μm. External of fiber is covered with a layer of glass wrapper with low index of refraction to keep the fiber in the core. Then its outermost layer is a layer of thin plastic cover to protect the wrapper.
1m 12 fibers MTP-12-F MTP Single mode Patch cord Standard loss
Types of MTP Fiber Cables
1. According to its transmission media, it is classified into silicon-based single-mode/multimode fiber patch cables .
2. According to the structure of connector, it can be classified into FC patchcord, SC patchcord, ST patchcord, LC patchcord, MTRJ patchcord, MPO patchcord, MU patchcord, SMA patchcord, FDDI patchcord, E2000 patchcord, DIN4 patchcord, D4 patchcord. In addition, the common ones can be classified into FC-FC, FC-SC, FC-LC, FC-ST, SC-SC, SC-ST.
Single-mode Fiber Patch Cable: It usually is shown in yellow, and its connector and protection case usually are shown in blue. Besides, its transmission distance is relatively longer.
Multimode fiber patch cable: It usually is shown in orange, sometimes in gray, and its connector and protection case usually are shown in beige or black. Besides, its transmission distance is relatively shorter.

Among the patch cables, What FC\ST\SC\LC\MTRJPC\APC\UPC Representing Respectively?
FC, ST, SC, LC and MTRJ mean the differences in the connecting way of physical connector.
FC means round screw port
ST means round 45° bayonet
SC means square inserting port
LC and MTRJ mean connector for small fiber stub, used rarely in China,but used in part of imported devices.
PC, APC, UPC means the front interface structure of ceramic ferrule
PC means spherical structure
APC means oblique 8 degrees structure.
UPC means hyperplane structure.

Using Tips
1.The receiving-and-sending wavelength of optical transceivers on the both ends of fiber patch cable must be same, distinguished by the color of optical module. Among the optical modules, ones with short wavelength uses multimode fiber patch cable, and ones with long wavelength uses single-mode fiber, to guarantee the accuracy of data transmission.
2. Without excessive bending and encircling when used in case that the weaken degree of optics is enlarged in the process of transmission. The fiber patch cord’s connector must be protected with protective jacket to avoid damage of fiber coupling due to the dust and oil.
3. If the fiber connector get dirty, it would be better to clean it with alcohol to avoid affecting the quality of community.

Cautions You Should Pay More Attention to
1. Necessary to clean the ceramic core and core interface of fiber patch cord with alcohol before using it.
2. The minimum bending radius of fiber is higher than 150mm when used.
3. Protecting core and core interface from the damage or pollution. So dust cap would better be blocked after using it.
4. No looking at the fiber interface directly when the laser signal is transmitted.
5. Would better replace the damaged fiber patch cord in time when it’s damaged due to factitious or other irresistible factors.
6. Would better read its specifications before installing it, and finish the installation and test under the guide of factory’s engineer
7. Able to test them one by one via the method of eliminating the troubles when the abnormal situation happens in the fiber network . When testing or eliminating patch cord troubles, Continuity Testing can be done at first, usually able to make a polishing judgment on the whole fiber link path by the visible laser pen. Or taking the further test for indexes with the precise fiber Insert Loss and Return Loss equipment, if indexes are within the required range, the patch cord is qualified; if not, it’s not.

Guide for Selection of MTP Patch Cord
According to the termination connection type, fiber patch cord is classified into three types: ST-ST, SC-SC, ST-SC. According to the fiber type, it can be classified into single-mode fiber and multimode fiber. And the length of patch cord includes 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m. According to the material of cable outer sheath, it can be classified into ordinary type, ordinary flame retardance type, LZSH, LSHF-FR and so on.
According to the fireproof grade of buildings and demands on the refractory material, the related measures should be taken in the wiring system. In the flammable areas and building silos, the cables or fiber cables made by refractory materials would better be applied. In the  large-scale public places, cables or fiber cables with refractory material , low smoke and low toxicity would better be used.

Above all is the detailed tips about the MTP patch cord, hoping that is beneficial to you. If you want to know more about details, maybe you can visit this website: www.Infiberone.com.

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