GBIC vs. SFP: Which One to Choose?

For customers' request, more and more people use SFP module in optical communication and interconnection. Another gigabit interface module – GBIC is gradually neglected. Why is this happening? And when we discuss GBCI vs. SFP, what are their differences and how can we choose them? If all of them are troubling you, the post may tell you an answer.

What is GBIC?

GBIC stands for Gigabit Interface Converter, which was very popular in the 1990s. The design can be used for Hot Plug, SC interface. It is a replaceable product that meets international standards. The gigabit switch is designed with the GBIC interface has a large market share in the market due to its flexible exchange.What is SFP?
SFP stands for Small Form-Factor Pluggable, which can be easily viewed as an updated version of GBIC. SFP module is much smaller than GBIC module, you can use more interfaces on the same line card or switch, which is now more common, more LC interface. The other functions of the SFP module are basically like the GBIC. Some switch vendors call the SFI module MINI-GBIC.

GBIC vs. SFP: What Are Their Differences?

The other functions of the SFP module are basically like the GBIC, so what's the difference between GBIC and SFP and how to choose them?

1. Shell
The shell of GBIC is larger; the volume is twice the SFP module. GBIC uses the SC interface, while the SFP uses more of the LC interface.
2. Change Application
Due to the difference between GBIC and SFP, their application switches are also different. GBIC module corresponding switch is GBIC slot, and SFP module corresponding switch is SFP slot.
3. Optical Connector
People who do not connect to fibers can falsely assume that the optical port is the same for GBIC and SFP modules, not really. Connect the SFP module to the LC connector while connecting the SC connector to the GBIC.
4. Market Trends
In these years, due to the small size of SFP, the GBIC module will be replaced by the SFP module. Why is this happening? Since the size of the GBIC is too large, it takes too much space in the switch, there are no more interfaces on the cabinet. However, the smaller size of the optical SFP module makes this problem possible.

After reading this article, you may get a clear understanding about the main difference between GBIC and SFP. Hope this blog gives you some understanding about GBIC transceivers and SFP transceivers; no longer doubt which modules to choose.

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